Tag: Lords


  • Sadim al Zafari

    Sadim al Zafari is the tenth Lord General of the Republican Model Army, a position he has held for just over six years. Born in northern Dasos to common laborers, Zafari stands as a tribute to the truth of the military's vaunted meritocratic policies - …

  • Valentina de Luna

    Valentina de Luna is the 17-year-old would-be heiress of the Luna family. She is an only child and so is spoiled and overindulged, but loving and has a strong moral centre. She is a pacifist at heart, but has a strong messiah complex.

  • Delia Dellis

    Though she still maintains a youthful and very 'green' bearing, Delia Dellis has been an enlisted member of the Republican Model Army for more than a decade. A member of the Chrysan House Dellis, she had many other prospects in life -- while her own …

  • Chuma Fakhoury

    Just thirty years old, following the death of his father last year Chuma has become one of the youngest leaders of a merchant family in Dasos. The Fakhoury family is not so notable as many others - for many years, they have languished with dried up old …