Name: Cassandros
Mission: Don’t fuck up and make a good impression!
Duty: Do the right thing
Craving: Get the hell away from danger
Advantages & Problems:
LuckyReroll a test once per session if there are no matches.
UnwholesomeThe first time you meet someone, he rolls his Eerie pool. With a success, something about you makes them feel creepy. You can still win them over with charm or bribery or an obvious display of good deeds, but you start out with one social strike against you.
Wealth 1
Possession 2 : exquisite quality sword
Body 2Sense 2Charm 3
Athletics+ 1Direction+ 0Fascinate + 2
Endurance+ 1Eerie+ 3Graces + 1
Fight+ 0Empathy+ 1Lie + 1
Parry+ 0Hearing+ 1Jest + 1
Run+ 0Scrutinize+ 0Plead+ 1
Vigor+ 0Sight+ 1_____
Coordination 3Command 3Knowledge 3
Climb+ 0Haggle+ 0Counterspell+ 1
Dodge+ 1Inspire+ 0Healing+ 2
Perform+ 0Intimidate+ 0Language (Dasian)+ 2
Ride+ 1Perform (Oratory)+ 2Lore2E
Stealth+ 1_____Strategy+ 0
Weapon (Sword)3E_____Tactics+ 0
__________Student+ 0
__________Sorcery+ 2
a riding horse. A leather cuirass. A metal cap.
Martial Path
Imperial Duelling Scattered throughout the Empire’s Central kingdom are a collection of fencing schools run by well paid sword masters. These schools are popular with various rakes, petty nobles, and other ne’er-do-wells. They teach skill with the great sword and long sword. Frequently, they duel. A code of honor forbids them from wearing armor, and the fights are typically to the first blood. These techniques use the Coordination + Weapon: Sword pool.
(Characters who study this can wear armor, if they choose, although to do so is considered dishonorable in a formal duel.)
Stop Stroke (1)If you choose, you can reduce the damage of your own sword attack to 1 point killing and no shock. You can apply this limit anytime you do damage with your sword, but cannot use it to increase the amount of damage you do.
Intricate Devices (2) When you do a sword based action, you can also do a feint without adding a multiple action penalty to it. This only applies to one feint per round.


1×2 escaped a death sentence: fool lucky
1×4 Unexpected Windfall: 4 posession, +1 wealth
1×6 Vengeance Quest (
2 sword, first two sword, dodge, parry tech of path)
1×8 Kidnapped by Barbarians (1 ride, +1 endurance, +1 plead, +2 barb language)
1×9 survived occult ritual (-
2 countersp-, 3 eerie, unwholesome)
1×10 served the decadent rich (
1 fascinate, +1 graces, +1 plead, +1 lie)

counterspell points moved elsewhere (1 weapon, +1 lore)
chose cost 3 item (exquisite sword), moved 2 points into +1 Athletics, +1 Stealth
fool lucky downgraded to lucky (
4 build points), plead and fascinate -1 (2bp)
Coordination raised by 1, dodge +1

session 1 XP: 2
session 2 xp: 2
downtime xp: 1
2xp on expert lore and Swords
session 3 xp :2
5xp on master swords
session 4xp: 6
3xp on sight, hearing, empathy.


Arcos Aronhiawakhon