The Rim

The Scholar’s Cold Hearth

The southernmost province of the Republic is the coldest, harshest environment in all of Arcos. Marked by high mountains, high winds, and snows that blanket the ground more than half the year, it is a place where eking out bare sustenance takes effort, and where very little wealth dwells.

However, for more than 300 years it has also been the home of the great Kylian University. The traditional center of learning in all the Republic, it started life as an archaeological site built around the ruins of a civilization thought to predate even the Sorcerer King’s hegemony, and over the years has become the foremost institute for all learned minds, boasting massive museums in all subjects and categories. While attempts have been repeatedly made by other provinces to start their own schools in easier territories, none have been able to provide any credible competition: it is simply the best there is.

Scholars, tutors, and professionals in highly demanding skill jobs are, as such, The Rim’s primary export, not commodities or luxury items. The University has multiple sites throughout the Rim, now, institutes dedicated to all manner of the Great Sciences and Arts, and the families that hold prominence in the school are those who hold prominence in provincial politics.

The Rim’s students and teachers hail from all over the Republic, drawn from all peoples and all provinces. Demographically, those locals and natives born to the region are predominantly Chrysans.

Cities and Landmarks of the Rim

The Kylian University

Salt Shore
The Ruins of M’alk’e
The Great Cathedral of Stephanidis

The Rim

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