The Fall

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From the Great Stone Quarries in the foothills of the Peligre mountains, to the megafauna of the southern High Plains, to the haunting and treacherous beauty of the Mendigo Canyon, the Fall is a land of contrasts and great scale.

It is, by landmass, the second-largest province in the Republic, but one of the least populous and most wild. The High Plains of the Fall, which encompass much of its territory and give the province its name, are a dangerous and undomesticated place, prone to high winds and harsh storms – to say nothing of the dangerous beasts that stalk the tall grasses.

Those merchant lords who dwell here own vast, cheap tracts of land over which they hold little real dominion, with neighbors separated in some cases by half a hundred miles or more.

And that is just how the people of the Fall like it. People of the province are regarded – and regard themselves, by tradition – as rugged, simple, honest folk, handy to have in a fight or when traversing the wilds, but not much given to complex politicking.

The economy of the Fall is all built up in its few northerly cities, in the foothills of the even more sparsely inhabited – and unincorporated – Peligre Mountains. The Great Stone Quarries provide building material in great bulk to all the provinces of the Republic.

Demographically, the Fall’s primary inhabitants are the Peligrans, with Royalists standing as a sizeable minority, especially in the more southerly parts of the province.

Cities and Landmarks of The Fall

Puerto Rocca

Mendigo Canyon
Gavilla Plateau
Sierra Peak

The Fall

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