Hailing originally from the cold hills and valleys of Pagos, the Royalists claim that they are the oldest civilized culture on the continent of Arcos. While the proof of this claim has long since been obscured by the mists of history, for many years they were, without a doubt, the preeminent people on the continent.

It is said that the Sorcerer Kings of old were of Royalist stock, and for centuries, the Royalists of Pagos were the most favored of all subjects in the kingdom. To be a Royalist was to have special rights and privileges over other men, and that cultural pride, born as it was from domination, has stuck around even as the reasons for that pride have faded with the Republic.

Royalists tend to be taller than their peers – standing a head or more above most Chrysans or Peligrans – and are extremely fair-skinned.

Once, Royalists were in the majority throughout most of the continent, holding the majority of lands and titles, but the rebellion changed that, and saw many of the blood struck down – whether they were themselves loyalists or not – on the simple basis of appearance and association. Today, they hold majority only within the old kingdom’s capital province of Pagos, and many say the bloodline is thinning out with each successive generation.

Royalists, once proud to be called such, have found the name turned into a quiet epithet by their fellow Republicans in the modern state. They are stereotyped as untrustworthy and imperious, often thought of as demanding special treatment they do little to earn.

Notable Royalists

Naming Conventions

OOC NOTES: The Royalist language is, flatly, Arcosian, though the modern form of the language has taken more and more elements from the lost Chrysan tongue as the two merge into one. The names for their people and places that they control are based on old Latin.


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