The Peligrans hail from the slopes and foothills of the Peligran Mountains and the great high plains known as The Fall. Their culture, isolated for centuries from their neighboring Royalists and Chrysans of the old Kingdom and current Republic, developed in somewhat divergent directions from their neighbors— in language, art, and general culture, they still today stand markedly unique.

Peligrans are of fairly average height, and tend to duskier skin tones than their neighboring Chrysans or Royalists – with a greater range than either of them in variance of coloring.

Though no stereotype can be universally applied, Peligrans have a reputation with their fellow Arcosians for being spontaneous (some would say impetuous), with a great zest for life. The old axiom goes that a typical Peligran is “great at a party, bad in a war room,” and some Peligrans find that they have difficulty being taken seriously by their peers, even when they plainly display talent.

Notable Peligrans

Language and Naming Styles

OOC NOTES: The Peligran native tongue, which remains widely spoken in The Fall, along with their naming styles, are based on Spanish/Portugeuse themes.


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