Memory of the Old Way

Once, the great snow-capped hills and valleys of Pagos were home to the wealthiest and most powerful men and women on the continent of Arcos. All of the great old myths begin and end in these lands, with crumbling landmarks still standing as testament to more than a thousand years of rich history and strength.

All of that changed when the revolution came.

The lands of Pagos were the last holdouts of Royal support, with its landed men and women standing to lose the most from a Republican takeover. And lost they did. Though some families were smart enough to turn their coat before the final fall of the Sorcerer King – and so have survived, in some cases, to the present day – many held out to the bitter end, and saw their new overlords the Speakers voting them out of house, home, and in many cases, their very heads.

The province has never truly recovered, dotted to this day with the once-great palaces and fortresses of fallen houses. Much of the land was given over to new men, but with the subsequent fall of the Kingcity, Pagos went from a center of Royal life to a cold and ugly backwater in the new Republic.

Pagos is primarily inhabited by the Royalists to this day, though many Chrysan families have lived in the area on seized estates for six and seven generations.

Cities and Landmarks of Pagos

Gate Mavros

The Kingcity
The Haunted Castle of King Vasilias
Ekklisia Field


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