The Red Mountain

The Isle of Nyt, a speck in the chilly waters off of Arcos’s southern coast, had little business becoming an important Republican province. Though its soil is rich – though only briefly fertile, due to the area’s cold winters – and landscape beautiful, the island is barely large enough to support its single city. Even worse, that single city is nestled alongside Mount Roum— an active volcano that has erupted disastrously in ages past, as stories tell.

Its success, and presence in imperial politics, can almost entirely be attributed to the storied Kosmein merchant family, who discovered more than a century ago that the dangerous mountain volcano and island were filled abundantly with precious gemstones, with rubies among the most prominent and plentiful.

Today, Nyt occupies a prominent place in the Republic. Although its population is small, most are exceedingly wealthy, with jewelers and other artisans followed closely by other skilled performers and workers seeking to take their share of the coin of the wealthy gem lords. The city and province have, as such, gained something of a reputation as resort country for the richest men and women of the Republic.

Nyt is primarily occupied by men of southeastern Royalist descent – first and foremost among them, of course, the very large Kosmein extended family. Despite its wealth, due to its population it does not play a prominent role in Republican politics, boasting just a few Speakers to the House.


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