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All Hail the Liberation!


A Student’s Guide to Arcos

It has been 150 years since the wicked Sorcerer King was toppled by those peoples his line had so long enslaved.

It has been 150 years since the unearthly powers his line commanded vanished from this world.

It has been 150 years since those noble lords and landowners that came before us laid the foundation stones for the sole, shining beacon of civilization in all the world – the seeds of the Glorious Republic of Arcos!

Though our lands are many and diverse, all landed men – be they from Estfront to The Rim, or anywhere amidst – have equal voice. Our Speakers rule with wisdom the envy of the barbarians beyond the sea. Our Model Army boasts discipline and merit in peerless measure.

We are unbowed, unbroken, and in our unity we shall rule these lands forevermore.

Provinces of the Republic

The Fall
The Rim

Peoples of the Republic


Polity of the Republic

House of the Speakers

The House of the Speakers is an extension of the early meetings of those men who first negotiated the treaties that established the Republic, and many of its traditions and philosophies are reflective of that to this day.

Though each of The Republic’s nine provinces can claim its own capital city – generally the seat of the wealthiest and highest-titled landowner in the area – The Republic of Arcos has no permanent capital to call its own. Instead, the bureaucratic classes are expected to spend much and more time on the road, traveling from provincial capital to capital. Each of the provinces’ capitals, as such, hosts its own House of the Speakers, with meetings of the Speakers rotating from place to place semi-annually in spirit of fairness.

Speakers are elected in numbers determined by census data from each of the country’s nine provinces. Ownership of property is the only requirement for eligibility to run, though, practically speaking, only the older and wealthier families are able to believably compete.

The House currently claims 250 members in total. Chrysos holds the most district seats at 65, and the island province of Nyt holds the fewest, with just 4.

The Republic’s three political parties are almost as old as the country itself, reflecting varying opinions on rule within it. Party membership, while not technically mandatory for a Speaker, is universal, as it is essential for building alliances and securing sponsorships for legislation.

Political Parties

The Fox
The Rook
The Ox

The Model Army

The Model Army, though it maintains fortresses throughout the country, is somewhat more settled, with the Lord General Sadim Al Zafari managing his troops from the Antos port city of Antirrio.

The Model Army is also much younger than the Republic itself. In the early days, households raised their own levies in a reflection of vestigial feudal policies from the days of the Sorcerer King. It was not until the 48th year of the Republic when, facing an all-out invasion from the desert kingdom of Dasianus, the House of the Speakers passed a bill to train and maintain a standing professional army. Extremely innovative, and blessed from the start with brilliant commanders, the defeat of Dasianus secured forever the Model Army’s place in the Republic.

The army is an attractive career choice amidst the unlanded of the Republic, for while the House of the Speakers is limited to the patrician class, only merit can advance you through the ranks of the army. Though in practice many of the senior officers are from the well-educated and landed elite, there have been throughout the military’s history several notable exceptions.

Notable Units of the Model Army

Fifth Company

A Bestiary of Arcos

Natural Beasts
Mystical Creatures

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