Hailing from the great isles of Katal, the Katalmen have always stood somewhat apart from the rest of Arcos. Historically, Katal is one of the few provinces in the Republic that can remember a time it was its own independent nation, free even from the control of the Sorcerer Kings – it was annexed just 400 years ago.

That independent spirit remains to this day, along with a strong nationalistic sentiment amongst those of Katalmen descent.

Katalmen are fair-skinned and, on average, somewhat shorter than their peers from the other ethnic groups that make up the Republic.

Stereotypes about them in the Republic, besides being largely untrue – as is often the case with any sweeping generalization about a people – are fairly unkind. Katalmen are thought to be simple-minded compared to their peers in the Republic, fit mostly for manual labor and not for command. Some also worship their own ancestral gods centered on regions of the isles, a practice thought of as barbaric in an increasingly-secular Republican state.


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