The Harvest Isles

Katal stands unique in the Republic as the youngest of the provinces — while its people rose up along with the others against the Sorcerer King, in the aftermath of the war they declared independence in lieu of joining the new hegemony, opting instead to found their own nation.

It was an experiment that made it less than two years before a second war, waged by the new Republic of Arcos, brought them firmly into the fold.

It was, in many ways, a war of necessity for the Republic – until the settling of Antos nearly 60 years later, Katal produced more than 2/3 of the food feeding the entire nation (to this day, it produces better than 50% of it), and the Republic was unwilling to pay high prices and export taxes to secure it.

The people of Katal have never truly forgiven the rest of the Republic for their actions.

Despite its bounty in agriculture, Katal is held by price controls as one of the poorest provinces in the Republic to this day, and those merchant lords who do prosper are largely not the isles’ native Katalmen. Many are now natives to the isles, fourth and fifth generation families that came over from Chrysos and its neighbors, but to this day they are seen as foreign elements.

Demographically, Katal is primarily inhabited by the Katalmen, most of whom are pushed into agricultural labor. Because of this, and because of Katal’s own unique history, the province is still prone to populist uprisings, though to date none have gathered sufficient support to have much success.

Cities and Landmarks of Katal


Mount Vrachos
The Temple of Archontes

Language and Naming Scheme

OOC NOTES: The Katalmen’s native (non-Arcosian) language, as well as typical names for people and places, draw on Old English stylings.


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