Fifth Company


The Model Army’s Fifth Company is a newly-organized unit under the command of the Dasian Legion. One of the region’s five Immunes (specialist) units, it is composed of 30 soldiers under the joint command of the Model Army’s four newest lieutenants, who have been instructed to make command decisions by simple majority vote.


The Fifth Company is currently under orders to neutralize the threat of a group of barbarians from the neighboring Kingdom of Dasianus – reported to be under the command of the notorious bandit Wosret – and see to the management and fortification of the mining village of Dahabka.

The mission will be considered complete when raids have ceased and production from Dahabka’s gold mine has reached optimal levels. The live capture of the bandit Wosret would be preferable, as he is wanted for trial, but other methods of neutralization are also acceptable.

Fifth Company Qualities

Company_-_Might.jpg Might – [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

While the Fifth Company’s soldiers are as well-equipped and trained as any in the Model Army, with only thirty (and largely low-ranking enlisted) men in the unit, they lack the numbers to take on truly dangerous or numerous foes without serious tactical planning.

Company_-_Influence.jpg Influence – [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Newly-formed and lacking any senior officers, the Fifth Company is virtually unknown in even their local province of Dasos, nevermind the wider Republic. They should not expect any particular deference paid to their requests or needs.

Company_-_Territory.jpg Territory – [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

The Fifth Company’s jurisdiction is limited, covering just the small village of Dahabka and the workers therein, but still important, due to the village’s presence on the site of a major gold find belonging to the Fakhoury merchant family.

Company_-_Treasure.jpg Treasure – [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

The Fifth Company operates on the Model Army’s principals of lean efficiency— which is to say, they have precisely the amount of resources on hand for the operation that command thinks they’ll need, and not a bent copper more.

Company_-_Sovereignty.jpg Sovereignty – [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]

The loyalty and discipline of the Fifth Company is in line with what one would expect of any of the trained soldiers of the Model Army. That said, with new, untested, and frankly untrained lieutenants at the command – to say nothing of their somewhat unsettling powers – the commanders will have to prove themselves before they can expect anyone to go above and beyond the call on their behalf.

Members of Fifth Company


Caecilia Norbana – Second Lieutenant, Company Pathfinder
Cassandros – Second Lieutenant, Morale Officer
Elia Sunborn – Second Lieutenant, Battle Commander
Valentina de Luna РSecond Lieutenant, Fifth Company Attach̩

Enlisted Men

Cuthberht Abbey – Quartermaster
Delia Dellis – Drill Sergeant
Juda – Command Sergeant

Fifth Company Treasures

Over the course of their adventures, Fifth Company has secured a number of relics, loot, and other valuables of particular note.

Relics of the Old Kingdom

Rites of the Sun
Rites of the Moon and Stars
Ancient Journal
“Creation” Scroll

Fifth Company

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