The Lonely Bulwark

Estfront, at a glance, has little to offer the Arcosian settler. The climate is hot and dry, ill-suited to crops and dangerous to travelers – and, unlike its western neighbor Dasos, Estfront can claim no metals worth mining, no hidden wealth lying beneath the surface. What few natives it claims – mostly Dasians – eke out a meager subsistence herding goats along the rocky plains.

Despite all that, it remains a vital cog in the Republic, as the birthplace and still primary training ground for the Model Army, with a vast number of walled fortresses and other fortifications seeded throughout.

The reasons for this are purely practical— in the early days of the Republic, Estfront was largely ignored by the people, undesirable land that the Republic claimed largely for purposes of symmetry on a map. All of that changed when the Kingdom of Dasianus invaded in earnest. While the brunt of their assault was held back in Dasos in the west, the barbarians met almost no resistance in Estfront, and used those lanes of travel to strike deep into the very heart of the Republic unchallenged.

The newly-formed Model Army made re-securing and safeguarding this territory its primary concern, and the province hosts most of that war’s most famous battlefields. Today, it is a remote stronghold, standing vigilant against the dangers of the White Desert.

Cities and Landmarks of Estfront

Castle Emprost

Aimos Field
Erimos Field
The Ruins of Ouranos


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