The Glittering Sands

The northern frontier of the Republic is a barren and dangerous place, where the blazing sun itself can claim a life almost as readily as the snakes and scorpions that dot the region’s many caves.

Set along the edges and southernmost reaches of the vast White Desert that extends – according to Arcosian lore – the length of the rest of the northern world, Dasos is a place where fresh water is precious and scattered scrub brush the only greenery in sight. At a glance, it would seem a very forbidding and uninviting place to make a home, but the real wealth and allure of Dasos lies somewhere beneath the surface.

Dasos owes its success, and vast material wealth, to an abundance of precious metals that lie beneath the rock and sand. A massive mining industry shapes the culture here, in iron, silver, gold, and precious gemstones, allowing the merchant lords of the realm to have built spiring, glittering cities along the few oases that dot the region.

For all the decadence of the cities, however, for the average resident of Dasos life is about sweltering heat and hard manual labor. The vast riches of the region are heavily concentrated into the five major Mining Brotherhoods – each controlled by a powerful landowning family – and while the common man has opportunities for advancement, they are bound up tightly with these families.

Dasos’ wealth and position bring with it other difficulties. The mines make an alluring target for bandits of all stripes, both local and from raiding parties from the desert-bound Kingdom of Dasianus, which claims territory past Arcos’ northern borders. There are also tales of mining concerns that struck too deep and found dark things buried in the earth, but these are mostly dismissed as baseless rumor.

Demographically, Dasos is primarily inhabited by the Dasians, from the highest houses to the lowest, though there is a significant minority of Royalists, who claim more southerly heritage.

Cities and Landmarks of Dasos

The Mirage (provincial capital)

Daimos Rock
The Tomb of Vasilias


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