Dasians hail originally from the dry, hot climes of northern Arcos, most prominently in the province of Dasos.

On average, they tend to be somewhat taller than their more southerly countrymen, and darker complected. Unique among the peoples of the Republic, their ancestral Dasian language has its own alphabet and a grammatical structure that vastly differs from the official Arcosian tongue, and is held to be quite difficult to learn. As a result of this, the language is beginning to die out among younger Dasians, with only a choice words and phrases making their way into the standard Arcosian lexicon.

Though obviously no stereotype holds true across a people – and indeed, most have little bearing in fact – the culture of Dasos has lent itself to certain beliefs among the peoples of the Republic. Even the poorest among them is thought to be naturally shrewd with money, and given to complicated and somewhat arcane social rituals (it is said that a Dasian lord’s banquet table is host to no fewer than 9 forks and 6 spoons, all of which must be used for precisely the proper course lest you give dire insult to your host).

In truth, Dasians occupy all walks of life within the Republic, from low laborer to high lord and everything inbetween. About the only universal truth you can offer about a Republican Dasian is that they will take grave insult if compared to their ethnically similar neighbors from the Kingdom of Dasianus (from whom it is said the people of Dasos initially split off, more than 600 years ago).

Prominent Dasians

Sadim al Zafari

Language and Naming Scheme

OOC NOTES: The Dasian language, as well as typical names for people and places, draw on Egyptian stylings.


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