Heart of the Republic

With a temperate climate and terrain that ranges from the sweeping coastal valleys in the west to the stunning crags and vistas of the east, Chrysos was considered a gem long before the birth of the Republic.

Chrysos is also the beating heart of trade and industry within the Republic, boasting the country’s largest cities and highest concentrations of landed and wealthy men. This has less to do with the natural aspects of Chrysos, however — Dasos produces more raw wealth, and places like the island of Ketal have long served as the breadbasket of the Republic — and everything to do with the nature of those old families which still dwell in these lands.

The glorious Revolution which saw the fall of the Sorcerer King saw its start in Chrysos, with 15 notable Chrysan families being the first to sign the so-called Declaration of Disobedience. It was to Chrysos that the vast wealth of the Kingcity came, and to Chrysos that the best positions and opportunities came once that war was won.

That capitalizing on opportunity was an investment that has been handed down through the generations, and Chrysos remains the center for Republican life in many regards to this day.

Demographically, it is inhabited primarily by the Chrysans for which the region is named, though percentages have shifted somewhat as the great cities of the region have drawn in more and more settles from adjacent provinces.

Cities and Landmarks of Chrysos


The Stasi Monument
The Stone Table


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