Chrysans are, by a slim majority, the most populous ethnic group inside the Republic, and it is Chrysan families that hold the bulk of power, influence, and wealth there.

It was not always so. Hailing originally from the lands of Chrysos, the Chrysan people were treated as second-class citizens under the regime of the Sorcerer Kings, barred from most public offices and military positions along pure racial lines. Many Chrysans looking to better their prospects turned to the only avenues available to them – the merchant guilds, which were thought of under the old Kingdom as an honorless and unremarkable line of work.

It was these same Chrysan merchants who would go on to foment the rebellion against the King, and Chrysan merchants whom would write the bulk of the new Republican constitution which enshrined their class as the most prestigious and powerful of all.

Chrysans today enjoy immense opportunity, with even the poorest among them – so long as they can claim a family name of their own – given favorable status by moneylenders and employers. Chrysans, as such, can be found occupying every walk of life inside the Republic.

Though stereotypes hold few universal truths, for the people of the Republic, there are some common beliefs about Chrysans. Many call them ancestor worshipers, as it is said that intricate trees tracking lineage – and relation, however distant – are of central importance to Chrysan life. Family ties are of central importance, by natural extension – and familial nepotism, too.

Notable Chrysans

Language and Naming Scheme

OOC NOTES: The Chrysan language has long since merged with basic Arcosian— they are thought of as the same tongue. Typical names for people and places draw on Greek stylings.


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