New Dreams in Green

During the reigns of the Sorcerer Kings, Antos was considered largely uninhabitable. Although the province contained important shipping posts along the trade routes between Dasos and the southern empire – shipping posts which exist to this day – the interior of the region was sweltering jungle, considered too inhospitable to man to ever truly be settled.

In the Republic, however, that image has slowly been shifting.

Following the great war against the Kingdom of Dasianus several generations ago, the Republic found itself saddled with the debt of promises it had made to its commanders – promises of money, wealth could be managed, but its promises of land had been made without any real consideration of where this property could be found. With most of the Republic’s other holdings long-since settled and established, and the unclaimed territories of Estfront considered too barren to offer more than insult, eyes turned once again to the vast untapped miles of the jungles of Antos.

Eighty years of concentrated deforestation later, and the Republican land problem largely vanished, shifting the landscape of Antos dramatically. While the jungles of the province are still vast, great tracts of them have receded to give way to new estates and new cities along land that has proven extremely fertile – if somewhat arduous to maintain in a tamed state.

More than any other province in the Republic, Antos is cosmopolitan, with men of every ethnic background found in similar numbers (with perhaps a slight edge to Chrysan and Royalist populations, who have a similar edge in the constitution of the Model Army’s upper ranks). More than any other province, Antos is a stronghold for military families, with many of the Model Army’s senior officers boasting family homes in the region. Indeed, the army’s modern headquarters is located in the provincial capital and port city of Antirrio.

Cities and Landmarks of Antos


The Verdance
The Pools of Mystir
Castle Potami


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