Notorious Bandit of Dasianus


Wosret has been a name known and feared by those living along the northern borders of Dasos for nearly ten years. He is the leader of a large band of brigands who live out on the high desert who have made their names and fortunes crossing over into Republican territory to raid villages and caravans for the province’s rich gold deposits in particular.

It had been thought, a few months ago, that his reign of terror was finally over, when he was caught by household guards of the Zogby family following a raid on a gold caravan that claimed three lives. But Farukh Zogby, head of the family, bungled the followup – he ought have reported his capture to the Model Army, but he feared that the glory would be seized, so he moved quickly to have the man executed himself by officials in The Mirage who were his pocket. The secrecy built a gap in city security that was fully exploited by members of Wosret’s band, and he escaped after a bold battle with Republican troops in the city streets.

The daylight escape has only emboldened his men since, and their attacks have grown more and more extreme.



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