Sadim al Zafari

Lord General of the Republican Model Army


Sadim al Zafari is the tenth Lord General of the Republican Model Army, a position he has held for just over six years.

Born in northern Dasos to common laborers, Zafari stands as a tribute to the truth of the military’s vaunted meritocratic policies – he enlisted at the age of 17 nearly 35 years ago, and worked his way from among the lowest positions in the military to its command sheerly on grit and a noted tactical brilliance.

A peacetime general – as most of his predecessors were – Zafari’s tenure as commander of the Army has rested primarily on dealing with the threat of raiders from Dasianus, which are at their highest levels of activity since the northern war nearly a century ago.

The project to oversee testing and monitoring of the recently-activated magical sensitives was also his brainchild – and one that reportedly cost him a lot of political capital with a suspicious Senate.

Personally, he is known as a jovial and friendly man, albeit one with extremely clear and high expectations for those who work beneath him.

Sadim al Zafari

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