Sergeant of Fifth Company


In his early forties, Juda has been a career soldier of the Model Army for decades. He has held the rank of Master Sergeant for the past six of those years, which have been among his unhappiest.

Juda started his career as a member of an Immunes unit tasked, at the time, with rooting out the true intentions of a treasonous noble family in Chrysos itself. It is said he served as a spy in this operation, and also served on the front line when it came time to make the arrests.

There are several other such stories in Juda’s early career, and he fairly had medals pinned on him all the way up the ranks of non-commissioned officers.. until he was named a Master Sergeant, a privilege which saw him shoved behind a desk and given a house in the city in Antirrio.

The more sedentary lifestyle did not suit Juda in the slightest, and he took the work with such a lack of relish that there has been some question as to what to do with him.

The solution presented itself with the formation of Fifth Company. Juda has been assigned to serve as chief NCO for the soldiers there, and serve as an advisor to (though still under the command of) the company’s newly-commissioned lieutenants.



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