Farukh Zogby

A Merchant Lord of Dasos


One of the lords of the Merchant family of Zogby, Farukh is a member of a long dynasty in the politics and power of Dasos. Owners of many of the province’s iron mines, they are one of the wealthiest in the province, and dominate politics in the capital of The Mirage.

Farukh is actually the second son of the latest ruling generation of the dynasty— his brother, Jamaal, has been a Speaker of the House for the past 15 years, and that life on the road has left Farukh largely in charge of the family’s business affairs.

Farukh recently landed himself in serious trouble for bungling the execution of notorious Criminal Wosret, as well as for falsifying evidence to execute an innocent man (Cassandros). While he has not been arrested, as yet – arresting a merchant lord is complicated enough, and much moreso when said lord is brother to a Speaker – the Model Army investigation into his household is sprawling, and said very likely to make more than one head roll when it concludes.


Farukh Zogby

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