Delia Dellis

Staff Sergeant of the Fifth Company


Though she still maintains a youthful and very ‘green’ bearing, Delia Dellis has been an enlisted member of the Republican Model Army for more than a decade.

A member of the Chrysan House Dellis, she had many other prospects in life — while her own family is of moderate wealth, her second cousin is a Speaker of the House, and the Dellis family has ties to many other important names throughout Chrysos.

Delia lacks… certain of the social graces expected for a political life, however, and made her way into the military almost as soon as she could heft a sword. Her career there as an enlisted woman has been promising, and two years ago she was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and placed in charge of training new recruits.

Given certain of the realities of the composition of the Fifth Company, she was recently attached to that squad to serve and aid in the training of her new commanding officers.

Delia Dellis

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