Chuma Fakhoury

A Merchant Lord of Dasos


Just thirty years old, following the death of his father last year Chuma has become one of the youngest leaders of a merchant family in Dasos. The Fakhoury family is not so notable as many others – for many years, they have languished with dried up old mines and lopsided caravaner contracts, but in the past six months a land acquisition deal made by Chuma looked to have changed all that, with the discovery of one of the richest gold veins in a century.

Chuma moved quickly to exploit the find, settling the outpost of Dahabka in near-record time, but no sooner had production got underway than it started getting struck violently by the notorious desert bandit Wosret and his gang. The last attack saw the brigands actually take over production for nearly three weeks, impressing the workers into slavery, and it was then that Chuma finally had to ask the Model Army to get involved.

The outpost has since been retaken, and new contracts drawn up (at higher and higher prices, unfortunately, as word has spread about the risk), but production is still at an all-time low and the brigands remain a looming threat.

Chuma Fakhoury

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